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Do Botox/filler injections have any effect?

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Do Botox/filler injections have any effect?

V-Line faces are very popular nowadays and women try their best to have a trendy face. There are many face removal methods such as massage, V-Line facial surgery, Filler/Botox injection, etc. In which, Filler/Botox injection is currently the most popular among women.

Tiêm Filler/Botox là gì?

Tiêm filler là việc sử dụng dưỡng chất có khả năng làm đầy, dùng cho các bộ phận ở mũi, cằm,… để làm đầy và kéo dài các bộ phận này sao cho cân đối với khuôn mặt.

Tiêm botox là sử dụng dưỡng chất tiêm trực tiếp vào các vùng như quai hàm, bắp tay,… để thon gọn tức thì.

Both Filler/Botox are now widely applied in non-surgical cosmetology, suitable for those who want to beautify quickly but safely, without complications and risks. This method does not interfere with cutlery, using nutrients injected directly into the area to be shaped.

Does Filler/Botox injection have any effect or not?

Filler/Botox injection now uses high-quality nutrients with reputable brands that have been certified by the US FDA to be safe and effective. American experts said that if using Filler/Botox of clear origin, it will be safe and uncomplicated.

In particular, there have been no studies showing the effects of Filler/Botox on health, because of the fact that these nutrients are compatible and promote very high effects when entering the body.

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