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How Ngoc Anh applies MEMBERSHIP CARD for Spa business,

Blog share | 01/12/2022 | 331 view
How Ngoc Anh applies MEMBERSHIP CARD for Spa business,

Dao Ngoc Anh
How Ngoc Anh applies MEMBERSHIP CARD for business spa owners!
Today, Ngoc Anh would like to share with Spa brothers and sisters about a strategy to help increase 30% of Spa's revenue by membership card.
Membership card not only helps customers come back to buy more and more times, but it also helps Spa to have more new customers.
I did a lot of research and found that Spas will offer a number of cards (gold, silver, platinum, ...) with incentives and spending conditions. However, there are some things that Ngoc Anh noticed in those Spas, the application of the membership card is not really thorough and effective as expected.
There are some differences in applying this strategy to your Spa chain.
Membership card has the function of discount (% according to card level) for 1 year and has the function of accumulating points and exchanging gifts and vouchers. This will make customers more excited because of constant incentives.
Anyone (friend or relative who holds that card to the Spa will enjoy the same benefits as the cardholder → Help Spa get more new customers.
In order to stimulate customers to upgrade their membership card, it is necessary to consult and regularly give promotions to customers to ensure enough spending to upgrade the card.
Currently, my Spa is applying 2 types of cards (Silver and Gold) corresponding to a discount for all services of 10%_ 30% & 50%.
Above is my share about applying the membership card strategy to help me increase 20% of revenue, very stable.
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