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How to Reduce Thigh Fat for Men and Women: Scientific Diet and Exercise

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Accumulating too much fat on your thighs can make your thighs look bigger and make you lose confidence when wearing the clothes you like. In addition, if this condition lasts for a long time, it will affect a number of health-related problems such as stretch marks, swelling in the legs, etc. How to effectively and safely reduce thigh fat is still a problem that many people face. young people are interested. everyone today. In the article below, Hoa Anh will reveal to you 16 extremely simple and effective ways to reduce thigh fat at home.

Nguyên nhân khiến đùi to?

What causes big thighs?

Before learning how to reduce thigh fat, we first need to find out what causes thick thighs. In fact, there are many causes of thick thighs, including the following common causes:


If many people in your family have thick thighs, it may be due to genetic factors. However, don't worry too much, if you apply the right thigh fat reduction method, this problem can be completely improved.

Rapid weight gain

Excessive fat accumulation or rapid weight gain can also cause the thighs to expand too much. Because when you gain weight, most of the excess fat will accumulate around the waist, hips, biceps, calves and thighs. Therefore, rapid weight gain can also make your thighs thicker.

Practicing incorrectly

Many people are in a hurry to lose weight quickly, so they over-exercise, burn stages, or exercise a lot. From there, it accidentally causes muscles to increase rapidly, calves and thighs also get bigger.

Daily living habits

If you have an unhealthy lifestyle such as being sedentary or often experiencing stressful problems in life. This is also the main reason why fat accumulates in the thighs.


Diet is also very important. If you regularly eat fried foods that are not too greasy, it will also lead to not being able to metabolize energy in a timely manner. Over time, fat will accumulate in the abdomen, thighs, and wings. hand,…

How to reduce thigh fat with a healthy diet

Cách giảm mỡ đùi bằng chế độ dinh dưỡng lành mạnh

If combined with appropriate exercise methods, reducing thigh fat is no longer too difficult. The following methods to reduce thigh fat through a healthy diet will bring you surprising results.

Add foods rich in fiber

In the menu to reduce thigh fat, foods rich in fiber always play an extremely important role in helping slim legs. Some foods rich in fiber: black beans, raspberries, chia seeds, broccoli, avocado, sweet potatoes... These foods not only provide you with fiber but also contain other minerals such as Vitamins A, E, C are very good for the body. beneficial for the body.. In addition, these foods are very low in calories so you can eat as much as you like without worrying about gaining weight.

Apply low carb mode

A low-carbohydrate diet is a dietary method that reduces the amount of starch in the body and increases protein. This is a dietary method used to lose weight and is currently being applied by many people. By following a low-carb diet, you not only control your weight but also help your body avoid diseases, typically type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Apply chicken in the menu

Thịt gà, đặc biệt là ức gà được coi là thực phẩm tốt nhất giúp giảm mỡ đùi và thon gọn đôi chân

Chicken, especially chicken breast, is considered the best food to help reduce thigh fat and slim legs. The menu uses reduced fat chicken thighs which contain fewer calories than other types of meat. For example, 100 grams of chicken breast contains 134 calories, 100 grams of beef contains 310 calories, and pork contains 307 calories. So, is it no wonder that chicken breast is popular in diet menus, right?

Eating apples reduces thigh fat

Apples are a favorite food of many beauty lovers. And this is also an indispensable side dish for people to lose weight and reduce thigh fat. Eating apples every day not only helps lose weight but also helps the body absorb essential substances malic acid, vitamins A, C, E..., prevent the risk of cancer, strengthen bones, and prevent skin aging.

Apples are an indispensable food in the menu to reduce thigh fat

Below is a menu to help reduce thigh fat in 6 daily meals that you should try within 1 week:

  • Breakfast: 2 pieces of fresh bread + 1 boiled egg + tomato/avocado/almonds
  • Snack: 1 apple
  • Lunch: 1 sweet potato + 100g beef + broccoli
  • Afternoon meal: 1 banana
  • Dinner: 100g chicken breast + green vegetables + 1 cup of white rice
  • Before bed: 2 egg whites  + 1 glass of unsweetened milk.

Always drink enough water

Many studies have proven that drinking water is effective in losing weight and body fat. Therefore, drinking water is a very simple way to reduce overall body fat as well as thigh fat.

Avoid these foods during thigh fat loss

In your daily diet, if there are dishes containing a lot of sugar, spicy (salty) dishes, or processed dishes, this is definitely the "culprit" causing thigh pain, and you are experiencing danger. Therefore, if you want to quickly get slim and toned legs, you should reduce the number of these items as much as possible.


  • In the daily calorie intake, sugar intake must account for less than 10%.
  • The amount of saturated fat will also have to be less than 10%.
  • The amount of sodium (salt) absorbed into the body each day should be less than 2.3g
  • Keep your alcohol consumption as low as possible. Maximum 1 drink per day for women or 2 drinks per day for men.

Exercises help reduce thigh fat 5 - 7 cm in 2 weeks

In fact, the thighs are considered one of the most difficult areas to lose fat, so in addition to forming healthy eating habits, you need to incorporate specific exercises for the thighs. Special exercises for the thighs, focusing on promoting the efficiency of energy consumption in the thighs. This way, your thighs will become firm and slim immediately. Below are some very simple and effective exercises to reduce thigh fat at home.

Leg lift position

Tư thế nâng chân

  • Lie on your side and straighten your legs on the mat, one hand supporting your head and lifting it up.
  • Then, lift one leg up, straighten it, and stabilize your position for 10-15 seconds.
  • Bend your legs behind you and continue to hold steady for 5 seconds, then straighten your legs. Repeat the movement 10-15 times.
  • Lean to the opposite side and perform the same movements,

The pose lifts the entire body

To prepare, lie on your back on the mat with your legs bent and hip-width apart. You can use a pillow or towel to hold it between your knees
Next, slowly lift your hips up, your body weight now resting on your feet and thighs. Pay attention to this step and make sure there is a straight line from your knees to your shoulders and that the object between your knees is as tight as possible.
Finally, slowly lower your hips back to the starting position. Continue repeating next time

Standing posture

Tư thế đứng tấn

  • Stand straight, legs spread wider than shoulders and toes pointed outward.
  • Slowly lower your body weight, while keeping your back straight and your upper body intact, your thighs parallel to the floor or lower so that your thighs and buttocks are tight.

Loose leg position


  • Prepare to stand straight, legs shoulder-width apart
  • Ha focus on the right leg, remember to keep it as low as possible, the left leg is straightened out at the same time.
  • Next, return to the starting position and repeat the same movement with the other leg.

Narrow leg squat

Động tác squat chân hẹp

Stand straight, legs together, arms crossed over chest
Bend your knees and push your hips back as if you were sitting in a chair, while squeezing your legs together into a squat position. When in a squat position, the body's weight is focused on the heels.
Return to the starting position and continue doing the same movement the next time.

The Froggies

Frog training is a fun and easy thigh fat loss exercise. This exercise stretches and firms the thigh muscles very effectively, burning calories faster. Not only that, this exercise also supports the cardiovascular system and improves morale.

To perform this exercise to reduce thigh fat, follow these steps.

First, you squat down, legs spread wide and arms hanging down to touch the floor. Remember to always point straight ahead. (Location is the same as in the picture)
Use your feet as a fulcrum, stomp your feet to gain momentum and raise your arms above your head to jump high. At this point, stretch as much as possible and return to frog pose.
Continue doing Frog pose 10 times in a row, resting about 3 seconds each time.

Some other ways to help reduce thighs effectively

Massage to reduce thigh fat and reduce calf fat with fat burning cream

Massage giảm mỡ đùi

A simple and easy way to lose thigh fat quickly in 3 days is to massage your thighs with fat burning cream. You can combine this thigh fat loss method with your diet to get quick results.


  • Put 10ml olive oil and 20g coffee in a bowl and stir well into a thick mixture.
  • Apply the mixture evenly on the thigh area that needs to reduce fat, combined with gentle massage movements in a clockwise direction.
  • Continue massaging for about 30 - 35 minutes, then wash your thighs with warm water.

Always control the energy intake into your body

According to fitness experts, a woman should eat 1200 calories/day, a man should eat 1800 calories/day, this is a number you should not exceed if you want to quickly slim. You should carefully study the calories contained in the foods on your menu. You can download programs on your phone or from reputable nutrition websites to check. If the amount of calories consumed is more than the amount consumed, you will quickly achieve your desired weight if you combine appropriate bodybuilding exercises.

Doing cardio regularly and regularly is the most effective way to reduce thigh fat

Tập cardio đều đặn và thường xuyên

As suggested earlier, if you want to lose thigh fat quickly and effectively, in addition to a perfect diet, aerobic exercise is an indispensable part. Therefore, combining exercises needs to be done regularly, at least 3 times a week to achieve the best results.

Combining all the fastest ways to lose thigh fat in 3 days will enhance the fat loss effect, helping you quickly see improvement.


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