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How to spray collagen lips to keep the color beautiful?

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How to spray collagen lips to keep the color beautiful?

To own full and pink lips, many women look to the method of collagen lip spray. However, collagen lip spray needs to abstain from what to keep the desired color beautiful, not everyone knows. To avoid complications, learn how to take care of your lips in this article.

To own full and pink lips, many women look to the method of collagen lip spray. However, how to spray collagen lips to keep the color beautiful? As expected, not everyone knows. To avoid complications, learn how to take care of your lips in this article.

What is collagen lip injection?

Collagen là một trong những thành phần có tác dụng làm căng mịn và ngăn ngừa lão hóa giúp duy trì sự tươi trẻ.

Collagen is one of the ingredients that has the effect of smoothing and preventing aging to help maintain youthfulness. Understanding its effects, beauticians have created collagen lip spray technology to help women own radiant lips with youthful and fresh colors.

Collagen lip spray works by mixing ink spray with a sufficient amount of collagen essence and spraying it directly on pale or dark lips with a modern tattoo sprayer.

Thanks to the addition of collagen, the lips not only get the desired bright color but also are restored and regenerated from deep within. Thanks to that, the lips will always be plump and not chapped.

In addition to natural aesthetics, collagen lip spray technology also helps to improve the beautiful standard lip shape. Defects such as lips that are too thick or too thin are reshaped by experts to be more harmonious and sharper.

What should collagen lip spray need to avoid?

In fact, the result of the lip injection procedure depends largely on the skill of the technician performing it for you. In addition, how you take care of your lips can also greatly affect the results you get. To ensure the beautiful lips as expected, you need to note the following:

Thịt bò: Đây là loại thực phẩm nhất định phải loại bỏ khỏi thực đơn dinh dưỡng sau khi phun môi.

Foods to avoid

Diet affects lip recovery after collagen injection.

- Beef: This is a certain food that must be removed from the nutrition menu after lip spray. Beef is very healthy, but when injured, the nutrients in beef can stimulate the formation of keloids.

Chicken: Similar to beef, this food should also be eaten in limited quantities. This is because chicken contains substances that slow down the healing process. Eating chicken right after spraying collagen lips will make the wound heal longer, create conditions for bacteria to penetrate, cause inflammation, and even leave bad scars on the lips.

- Seafood: Shrimp, crab, fish, oysters and other seafood contain substances that slow healing and cause itching and discomfort. There are even cases when eating seafood causes swollen lips, forming scars that are difficult to heal.

- Water spinach: Eating water spinach has many benefits such as detoxification, laxative, diuretic... However, if you eat water spinach when injured, the risk of keloid formation is very high.

- Sticky food: Sticky food and dishes made from glutinous rice are not suitable for people with dark lips. This food is hot, so it is easy to irritate and cause the wound to fester.

Eggs: This food is appreciated because it is cheap but provides many important nutrients for the body. However, substances found in eggs have been shown to cause the lips to not achieve the desired color.

Spicy foods: You need to stay away from these foods after any plastic surgery. Spicy dishes directly affect the damaged lip skin, causing prolonged burning pain. Wounds also take longer to heal, which can lead to inflammation, which increases the risk of scarring.

In addition to your diet, you also need to pay attention to your living habits.
Avoid stimulants: If possible, you should limit the use of coffee, alcohol and other stimulants in the first time after applying lipstick. These irritants can impede blood flow to the lips, causing an uneven coloration.

Quit Smoking: When you smoke, your body absorbs a lot of nicotine. Nicotine makes it difficult for blood to flow to the lips, leading to an undesirable color.

Also, when nicotine reaches the lips, it can cause an unnatural dullness.

What should I eat after collagen lip spray?

In order for the lip color not to be speckled and even, the first two days must be limited to water. However, you can use milk instead of water to make your lips color up to standard and look natural.

The natural protein in milk not only provides energy to help you get rid of hunger quickly, but also provides a source of raw materials for collagen synthesis and diversification of fibroblasts.

This food helps accelerate the formation of collagen, helping the lips regenerate faster, reduce inflammation and heal faster. Vitamin A in milk also helps lips achieve the desired color.

However, in the first day after spraying lips, you should use a plastic straw and avoid direct contact with water, milk, food.

Carrots contain a synthesis of vitamins A, D, E, K, B to help prevent the aging process, help lips less dark, easy to color as desired. You can cook carrots with everyday dishes or juice them.

Yogurt will be a food to help lips become more rosy, natural and more beautiful.

If you do not know what to eat best after lip spray, from now on, add tomatoes to your menu, especially for women who spray collagen lips.

Ripe tomatoes contain "large amounts" of vitamins A, K, B vitamins like B3, B6 and many minerals like biotin and potassium. This is a source of "miracle" nutrients that promote the marrow group to produce and nourish a large number of red blood cells.

After getting a lip tattoo, this is the fruit you should add to your menu to have more radiant pink lips than ever.

However, pay attention to choose clean and fresh tomatoes, which can be used with daily dishes or grinded into juices and smoothies.

Pineapple is known for its bromelain compound that heals damaged tissues and helps lips recover quickly after spraying. In addition, the vitamins and minerals in this fruit will help you get the plump lips you want.

Oranges, tangerines
If you are wondering what to eat after spraying your lips to get a beautiful color, don't ignore citrus!

Citrus is one of the fruits with the highest vitamin C content, in addition to providing carotene as well as chromium to help the body fight oxidation. Drinking orange juice and eating tangerines every day can help you own youthful, naturally rosy lips, and the ink color is also much more beautiful.

Melon fruit
Watermelon, melon, cucumber, and cantaloupe are also rich in vitamin A, which helps improve the immunity of the lips and purifies harmful substances in the environment. These fruits are also rich in water that helps to rehydrate, replacing dead cells with new, healthier ones.

The above notes are small, but have a huge impact on the results you get. Be persistent in doing so to avoid "money lost disability". Wish you have a beautiful lips after collagen lip spray!

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