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Injections for keloid scars

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Injections for keloid scars

What is a keloid?

Sẹo lồi là gì?

Keloids and hypertrophic scars are characterized by local proliferation of fibroblasts and collagen overproduction during wound healing.
Usually occurs after skin wounds such as: tears, tattoos, burns, after vaccination, surgery ... or abnormalities of the skin due to inflammatory processes such as acne, skin infections, insect bites ...

  1. Hypertrophic scars: usually appear within 6 months of trauma, are limited to the initial wound and may resolve on their own after 12-24 months.
  2. Keloids: Usually appear 6 months after the injury, go beyond the boundaries of the original wound and never heal on its own. Trends in recurrence after surgical resection.

Sẹo lồi và sẹo phì đại

What causes keloid scars?

The cause is unknown, but may be related to the following factors:
- Genetic factors.
– Systemic factors: puberty, hypertension, pregnancy, hormones, cytokines, blood type A, IgE syndrome.
Local factors: Chronic infection. The wound heals gradually.
+ Mechanical shock: Keloid scars often appear in areas of skin subject to a lot of tension, active skin, frequent friction.

What scar treatment methods are there? 

  • Scar medicine.

Silicone gel (SGS): This method is used to reduce the risk of hypertrophic scarring.

  • Compression therapy.

CO2 laser therapy: A good choice for newly formed scars but respond poorly to older scars and more fibrosis.
Vascular laser (PDL, Nd:YAG long pulse) or IPL: supportive care to minimize the number of neovascular lesions, dilate blood vessels in the keloid.
Minimally invasive laser (Fractal CO2 Laser): Is a method capable of effective drug delivery through scar tissue, creating scar surface, recovering problems that occur after keloid treatment.

  • Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen.

.Có những phương pháp trị sẹo nào?

Scar correction surgery: Scar hypertrophy has affected function for more than 1 year, when entering the stable period, scar repair can be considered.
Drugs injected into scars: There are many types of drugs used for injection into scars such as triamcinolone, 5-FU, bleomycin, verapamil, botulinum toxin...
However, the first injection is still triamcinolone injected into the scar tissue.

How do keloid scar injections work?

Triamcinolone is a corticosteroid that acts through inhibition of inflammatory mediators and growth of fibroblasts and also by increasing collagen degradation. The drug will reduce the synthesis of new fibrous tissue, limit the progression of scars, break down scar tissue, flatten and fade scar tissue.

 Contraindicated in keloid injection in which case?


  • Absolutely do not use while having cancer disease, pregnant, breast-feeding.
  • Customers have menstrual disorders, severe acne.
  • Consider with caution in patients with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, renal failure, peptic ulcer disease.
  • Use caution when injecting scars around the eyes.

How is the keloid injection procedure?


  • Step 1: The doctor examines and examines the keloid scar before treatment.
  • Step 2: If the scar is large, apply numbing cream for 50-60 minutes.
  • Step 3: Clean the injection area with Alcohol 70*/Povidin 10%.
  • Step 4: The doctor injects the drug into the scar tissue.
  • Step 5: Apply antibiotic ointment to the needle site to prevent infection.
  • Step 6: Tell guests to take care of them at home before leaving.

What is the procedure for keloid injection?

The treatment is repeated several times every 4-6 weeks until the scar improves.
Usually about 4-9 injections can be made. If there is no improvement after 4 injections, the injection should be discontinued.

What complications can be caused by treatment with triamcinolone?

 Liệu trình tiêm sẹo lồi

  • Pain when injecting (most cases, so some cases will be used lidocaine).
  • Bleeding after injection.
  • Skin atrophy.
  • Changes in skin color (depigmentation may resolve spontaneously in about 6-12 months without treatment, sometimes persisting after that).
  • Appearance of skin vasodilating lesions (it does not go away on its own, but needs to be combined with vascular laser treatment such as PDL, long pulse yag laser or IPL...).

How to take care of triamcinolone after keloid treatment?

After the injection, the keloid may be slightly swollen and bruised for a few days. The active cold pack can be used on the first day after injection.

  • Avoid touching, squeezing, scratching or hitting the treatment area.
  • Avoid wearing items that affect the scar area such as necklaces (for scars on the chest), bracelets (for scars on the wrists) ...
  • Limit sun exposure, wear gloves and a mask to cover the scar area.
  • Use a broad spectrum sunscreen over the entire treated area.
  • Combined with scar medicine or SGC patch to improve the treatment effect.
  • Restricted foods: sticky rice, chicken, water spinach, seafood…
  • Keep the treatment area clean.
  • Limit the intake of water into the treatment area immediately after implementation.
  • Follow the doctor's appointment to be examined and treated until the scar fades away.

Hopefully through the above article has helped you clarify the injection of keloid scars. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately for advice and support!


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