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A pitted scar is a formation based on the damaged or broken skin of the collagen structure located in the dermis layer of the skin. The condition of pitted scars left for a long time will be very difficult to treat and can not be restored as the original. Let's find out the cause and timely treatment for this condition!

What is a pitted scar?

Sẹo rỗ là gì?

Pitted scars, also known as indentations, are sequelae left by severe wounds on the skin, most of which are open wounds, with many causes such as acne, chickenpox, cosmetic allergies, trauma ... The skin structure of the injured area changes, especially the breakdown of collagen and elastin layers under the skin, causing the healing process to take place abnormally and forming concave scars.

What causes pitted scars?


  • Sequelae of acne (pustules, acne, inflammatory acne, other types of acne)

It is the main and most common cause of improper care and squeezing acne. When not equipped with basic knowledge about acne skin care, patients often pop pimples on their own, do not clean their hands or squeeze tools, do not know how to take care of acne, which easily causes inflammation. Infection, ulceration leads to necrosis and loss of tissue mass causes concave scars  (pitted scars).

  • Scars caused by skin diseases (chicken pox, chickenpox, folliculitis)

Similar to acne, skin diseases such as chickenpox (chickenpox) also cause obsessions for people because of its easy scarring sequelae. Scars caused by chickenpox (chickenpox) are very dangerous, can cause superficial scars from 3-8mm, very difficult to heal or treat.

  • Strong cleaning, trauma, burns or surgery

Regardless of skin type, when affected by scratches, it is very easy to lead to the risk of scarring. For small and new scars, you can use natural ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera, .. to treat or special creams for scars. As for long-term scars, large scars or infections, you should see a dermatologist for proper treatment.

  • Improper diet and direct exposure to sunlight

When there are open wounds, avoid eating fast food, greasy food, spinach, glutinous rice and seafood that will easily cause keloids and concave scars. In addition, being exposed to a lot of sunlight during an open wound will easily create conditions for ultraviolet rays to directly reach the damaged skin and cause rapid scarring.

The most common types of concave scars today

Based on the shape, we can classify concave scars into 3 types: Ice Pick scars, Boxcar Scars and Rolling scars.

Sharp bottom scar

Sẹo đáy nhọn

Sharp bottom scars are a rare type of scar, formed when the scar is subjected to prolonged impact or fracture, forming a sharp edge at the bottom of the scar. Frequently occurs after a severe cut or wound. Sharp bottom scars can cause discomfort and low self-esteem for sufferers.

Square bottom scar

Square bottom scars are a common type of scar, shaped like a square groove. Usually occurs when a scar is formed from a deep cut, a burn, or a large wound.

Waveform scars

Wave scars, also known as ripple scars, are a rare type of scar that takes the form of waves or ripples on the surface of the skin. This type of scar usually occurs when the scar tissue does not form uniformly and evenly over the entire scar area.

The most popular scar treatment technologies today at Hoa Anh Aesthetics

Laser CO2 fractional: 

Fractional CO2 laser:

Using the 10,600nm wavelength from the CO2 laser, it penetrates deep into the dermis, stimulating collagen proliferation to help the skin quickly improve the condition of concave scars.

Effective scar treatment from Peel TCA (Tricloacetic Acid):

Is the process of shedding dead cells of the skin, stimulating the production of new cells and recovering quickly with the support of TCA (acid extracted 100% from nature, certified by FDA for safety). and effective) helps to fill in concave scars  on the skin and gives a smooth, shiny skin.

Needle roller combines germ cells to regenerate shiny skin:

Is a method of creating "false" lesions by rollers in the form of wheels with micro-needle heads that act on the skin to be treated to stimulate new collagen growth, remove old or dead cells and produce new cells. At the same time, the "fake" damage caused by needle rolling is also the path for stem cells to easily penetrate deep into the skin and promote its full effect of filling concave scars and regenerating smooth, shiny skin. .

Treat concave scars by scar removal method:

Trị sẹo lõm bằng phương pháp bóc tách sẹo: 

It is a method that uses micro-medical needles to impact and break the link of the scar root, helping to free the skin surface from the underlying sclerosing tissue, effectively filling in long-term concave scars.

Hopefully through the above article, it has helped you to clarify the WHY - REASONS AND TREATMENT. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately for advice and support!


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