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What is lip injection?

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Lip filler injection is the most popular technique to increase lip size and is the least invasive and has a faster recovery time than conventional lip augmentation surgery. To perform this technique, the esthetician will inject one or more fillers into your lips until you have a harmonious lip result.

Tiêm môi tây là gì?

Over time, the amount of collagen as well as the body's natural fat tissue also decreases. Therefore, the face also gradually loses its elasticity, the skin becomes thinner and sags, even the lips. Thus, lip augmentation injections help the body replace the lost collagen and fat tissue, helping you to have fuller lips. Therefore, fillers are considered as natural substances that exist in the body, are easily compatible with the skin surface, are safe for the body, and have few side effects. If you have the following conditions, you can refer to this lip augmentation injection method:

  • Thin lips, lip contour is not clear
  • Unbalanced lip shape, lip lines are not in harmony with the face
  • Lips have many wrinkles, always dry and tight
  • Do you want to own a fuller, more attractive lips?

Performing lip filler injections will help you quickly solve the above problems, and own the desired lip shape and the cost is still extremely economical as well as without touching the cutlery.

What is the lip shape of the western lip?

Tiêm môi tây là dáng môi như thế nào?

In particular, Western lip augmentation, also known as Western lip shape, is one of the hottest lip trends today and is chosen by many women when deciding to perform lip injections. Western lip shape is featured to give a very seductive and seductive look. This is also the standard beauty of Western women, while Eastern women often have thinner lips.

Combined with Western Lips, Western Lip Shape will help you achieve a unique, sharp lip contour that adds to your personality and vitality. Combined with glossy or matte lipstick, nude lipstick will make you more special, more attractive and exude an extremely powerful look. However, this lip shape can affect the shape of your face, so you need to consult your doctor before deciding to do it.

How long do lip injections last?

Tiêm dáng môi tây giữ được bao lâu?

When performing lip injections, many women wonder how long it takes to maintain this lip shape? How long will it take to reapply the filler to maintain the perfect lip beauty? According to experts at Hoa Anh Beauty Salon, the average time to keep filler in the body will be from 8 months to 1 and a half years, depending on each person's location and post-injection care.

  • Professional skills: Ensuring professional safety, correct technique according to each method of lip augmentation injection, doctors with many years of experience in cosmetology in general and lip shaping in particular will help you achieve aesthetic results like a dream. However, if done with the wrong method and technique, it is easy to hurt the lips, affect the lips deeply, and easily cause dangers and complications such as rejection of fillers, infection of the lips, etc.
  • Post-injection care mode: Lip augmentation injection can be said to be a cosmetic technique with low difficulty, easy care and few complications. Therefore, if you want to have a long-lasting filler injection, you need to have a reasonable home care regimen so that the filler does not dissolve or be eliminated from the body quickly.
  • Filler quality: It can be said that using quality fillers with clear origin will help maintain the longest aesthetic results. On the contrary, poor quality fillers will be eliminated quickly, not only affecting the appearance but also can be dangerous to health.
  • Dosage: Depending on the initial lip condition and desired lip shape, the doctor will use the most appropriate dose of filler, avoiding the case of excessive use that affects the aesthetic effect.

Where is lip filler injection beautiful and prestigious

If you want to have a beautiful and extremely safe and long-lasting lip, choosing a reputable appraisal unit is essential is one of the prestigious beauty systems and is trusted by many women. , this place is also the address to perform injections, lip filler injections. Reliable quality, reliable environment and have a large customer base all over the country.

Let's take a look at the pictures of customers with beautiful western lip injections:

Tiêm filler môi ở đâu đẹp, uy tín 

Coming to Hoa Anh Beauty Salon, you will experience at a beauty center with a system of modern facilities, five-star quality and a series of needs for the most modern equipment. This is a filler using high-quality fillers, of clear origin, ensuring FDA compliance and has been tested by the Ministry of Health for safety and suitability for use on the body.

Hope the above article has helped you clarify MASSAGE FOR WEIGHT LOSSING "FIRE" HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately for advice and support!


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